Sparkletown 012 remix

As the city burns to dust, buy now!
Don’t hesitate.
One thousand transmission flowers
Yours for only…

Feel the world is dancing
With new naked living bodies not your own?
Has your head crashed?
Would you like skin that sings freely
as though clothed in light?
It’s simple. Send off now…

Is your skull home to chaos merchants?
Your mouth hacked by pirates?
Your eyes covered in slogans?
Apply now to the Flare Agencies!
Pictures will stir inside you
Like never before. All dullness nullified!
Only seven easy payments…

In a voice of gold flickering
From darkness,
Your overloaded flesh will glory
In moonlight, dusklight, dawnlight, daylight!
All present in the body’s luxury channels.
Once in a lifetime offer…

Our unique system will plant dream images
In your head,
Glowing images taken from history,
From ballads of angels.
Feel yourself floating aloft on messages
Borne by static,
All the way back to Edenville.


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