To contact Jeff Noon concerning any collaboration, usage of works or inquiry as to rights, please speak first to Jeff’s agent at the following email address…




The OFFICIAL Twitter feed with information concerning Jeff Noon is: @jeffnoon 

Jeff also writes under a series of Twitter accounts as part of his expanding narrative, the first of which is as follows:

Sparkletown: @temp_user9 

For the sake of clarity it should be noted that Jeff Noon ( the author ) is not on Twitter under the name of @zenithoclock, nor @vurt.

Although never an official site as such, was the original home for a lot of the older material on Metamorphiction. It’s run by Chris Mitchell of



It is worth noting the ‘Jeff Noon Fan Club‘ ‘group’ page on Face Book and the Face Book ‘author’ page for Jeff Noon can be found by searching the site. Although both are unaffliliated with Jeff Noon all supporters and fans are welcome and encouraged.