Latest news and recent additions

  • Have you hear about the Literary Operator? Commissioned by Lighthouse this device remixes familiar texts and is based upon one of Jeff’s twitter ‘Spores’. Intrigued? Read more and watch the Operator in action here.
  • Great piece about eBooks in Forbes that mentions Channel SK1N – check it out
  • If Vurt were a biscuit what would it be? Find out the answer to this and many more questions about revisiting the novel 20 years on here. And check out the new audio recording from Audible!
  • Great piece on Vurt 20 years on, from Roy Christopher here
  •  This week we’ve very much enjoyed these great reviews of Vurt and Pollen (new editions) from Aidan Fortune at SF Crowsnest, and SciFi Bookworm.
  •  Winner of the #VurtSF Twitter fiction competition chosen! See who received a signed edition of the lovely 20th anniversary Vurt hardback, along with a list of runners up.
  • Vurt 20th Anniversary edition now out!

Lots of great media surrounding this happy 20th Anniversary of Vurt’s first publication:

* The lovely people at Tor have published some audio clips, images and also launched a competition don’t you know…
* Great footage of Jeff reading live at Forbidden Planet in April, where he also signed copies of the gorgeous new edition. Have a watch!
* We love this really personal interview with Sam Green for Beardrock
* Did you catch Jeff interviewed in the Guardian on 20th April? If not read more here.
* Posts about music with a Vurt playlist from Jeff,
* Did you know what Jeff was working in Waterstones Deansgate, when he wrote Vurt?
* A 5 Question Interview with Jeff and Lauren Beukes
* This fanstastic interview with Jeff by Tom Hunter for SFX
*More about Jeff’s experiments in writing, straight from the man himself
* 5 Question interview with Pan Macmillan editor Bella Pagan for the Tor blog

More recent press…



New jacketed and digitally available for the first time Jeff Noon will be seeing the complete back catalogue of novels released for Kindle. This will also lead on to the first new work from Jeff for 10 years: Channel SK1N.

Click here to see the complete range of eBooks



The official Twitter feed with information concerning Jeff Noon: @jeffnoon.


Jeff also writes under a series of Twitter accounts as part of his expanding narrative, the first of which is as follows:

Sparkletown: @temp_user9


@echovirus12 is a collaborative twitter fiction page, run by a limited number of writers. Read more about it here.

Echovirus12: @echovirus12




Description and covers of Jeff Noon’s books, with detailed notes on the creation and writing of each work.

Jeff Noon is releasing his catalogue of work in ebook format for the first time. This site will collect together all the information for each of his digital releases; including where to buy them.



Notes on short stories, theatre and radio plays, online fiction projects, music CDs, etc.



Works created by other artists and writers inspired by Jeff Noon’s books.



A partial list of interviews, essays, reviews and mentions.



Details on how to contact Jeff’s agent for usage requests, possible collaborations and desimation questions. Also includes details of Jeff’s twitter pages.