Description and covers of Jeff Noon’s books, with detailed notes on the creation and writing of each work.



Channel Sk1n

Channel SK1N tells the story of Nola Blue: pop prodigy, the girl every teen wants to be, or be with. She has talent, hit tunes, international fame, everything she could possibly want. But when she begins to pick up TV signals on her skin, Nola is forced on a journey far beyond the boundaries of the mega-stardom she was moulded for.

This is a Frankenstein tale for the X-Factor Generation. Saturated with the same parasitic media that prey on Nola, Channel SK1N broadcasts Noon’s lyrical mastery on a viral frequency.

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Falling Out of Cars

Marlene Moore wasn’t even sure why she accepted the job, except that it gave her the chance to just get in her car and drive. To escape, to keep moving, to maybe find a destination for herself. Now she’s journeying around England, a land that turns stranger and more dreamlike, the further she travels. Slowly, day by day, Marlene is falling prey to a sickness, a disease that seems to change the world around her. And the job itself turns out to be far weirder, and more dangerous, than she ever imagined. A road novel like no other, Falling Out of Cars explores a country, and a psyche, falling off the edge of reality.

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Cobralingus novelCobralingus

Cobralingus allows language to partake of a future liquid state of consciousness. It uses the Metamorphiction process to apply the techniques of electronic dance music to the production of words, dissolving language. In this mutated, liquid state, words are manipulated into new forms; borrowed text is sampled and transformed.

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Needle in the Groove

If music were a drug, where would it take you?
If drugs were music, how would you listen?
After years of playing bass in lousy two-bit bands, elliot finally gets his big chance / he meets a singer, a dj and a drummer who seem to have everything / passion, talent, hypnotic songs and a whole new funky way of seduction / but just as their first dance record is climbing the charts, one of the band disappears / elliots search for the missing musician becomes a wild, fiercely emotional trip into the dark soul of rhythm.

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Pixel Juice

From the breakdown zones of the mediasphere and the margins of dance culture comes a selection of fifty stories, each one strange, telling, disturbing, or sometimes just plain weird: urban fairytales, instructions for lost machines, true confessions, word-dizzy roller-coasters, product recalls, adverts for mad gadgets, dub cut prose remixes. Throughout them all, Jeff Noon delights in the magical possibilities of language, creating a wholly new kind of storytelling. Ideas-per-page rating, dangerously close to the legal limit.

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The air of Manchester is alive with Blurbflies, Automated Advertisements chanting their slogans. The loudest of all is for Domino Bones, the new lottery game. Every Friday night Manchester stills as the bones tumble into a winning combination, the population hooked on this rampant dream. But there is only one real winner. The Company, who plays the city’s fragile expectations with callous ease and milks it to the final drop. A group of mathematics students are looking at the odds, at the mind numbing probabilities involved and searching for the hidden mysteries behind the game. They watch the city at work and slowly uncover the sinister realities behind the mania. The company is devouring Manchester – it has the Nymphomation, an evolutionary process which has the power to take over the city’s dreams.

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Automated Alice

In the last years of his life, the fantasist Charles Dodgson wrote a third Alice book. This mysterious work was never published or shown to anybody. That’s not quite true. Automated Alice was written by Lewis Caroll, Lewis Caroll was the nom de plume of Charles Dodgson. No, that’s not even slighly true either. Automated Alice was written by Zenith O’Clock, the Writer of Wrongs. Oh dear that’s not at all right. This book was written by Jeff Noon. Zenith O’Clock is only a character invented by Jeff Noon. What Alice encounters in the automated future is mostly accidental; mutant hybrids, sinister gameplay, chaos theory, a robo-Alice, quantum physics, computermites, jigsaw killers, tickling vurt feathers, puzzle poems and an invisible cat called Quark.

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In a strange remixed future of Manchester a cloud of pollen descends – a new strain, each tiny grain a murderer. Within days the streets of the city are overgrown with viscious blooms as the fiercest hay fever epidemic takes hold. People are sneezing themselves to death and the pollen count is racing towards 2,000.

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Take a trip in a strangers head. Along rainshot streets with the Stash Riders, a posse of hip malcontents hooked on the most powerful drug you can imagine. Vurt Feathers. But as the Game Cat says, be careful, be very careful. This ride is not for the weak. Scribble isnt listening. He has to find his lost love. A journey towards the ultimate, perhaps even mythical, Vurt feather – Curious Yellow.

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