1. [01]

Alice cracked the seedpod open, releasing spores. She wanted to see them drift away, take root, blossom, be gathered up, sniffed at, tasted, trampled on, or smoked.

1. [02]

This is a customer service announcement. Can NO meet YES at the front desk. Thank you.

1. [03]

Electric Angels are recharging their halos at the petrol station, plugging themselves in. Their images burn up pixels on the security monitors.

1. [04]

Ian had himself decorated with a snake tattoo whilst taking acid. Drug and ink mingled. The creature crawled up his arm, towards his face, one inch a day.

1. [05]

The machine consists of just twenty-six components and eleven linking devices: abcde fghij klmno pqrst uvwxyz ,;:?!()-“”. Press HERE to operate.

2. [06]

Robot tongue for sale, only one owner. 10GB, speaks 17 languages. Can sing, tell stories and crack jokes. Slight problem with poetry mode: button sticky.

2. [07]

They have placed Eros under three months quarantine. Contamination is feared. His arrows are being tested for all known poisons.

2. [08]

EKO42 was the first android to recognize himself in a mirror. One day he froze in place, an artificial Narcissus enraptured by his own image.

2. [09]

A ghost is an advertisement of death, broadcast on the screen of life.

2. [10]

Press release. The Prime Minister has been taken away for essential repairs. In his absence, a fully functioning replica will run the country.

3. [11]

Vapour Girls stalk the neon-lit streets, their bodies dissolving and reforming every second, red eyes aglow in faces made of smoke.

3. [12]

Asleep in their beds, hidden from sunlight, all the vampires dream of finding the last known vial of Lady Diana’s blood.

3. [13]

Her latest face was sent direct from the designers. Her body turned up half an hour later. Body and face merged. The cameras flashed.

3. [14]

Lonely Variant 259 wishes to meet a Variant 170 for cross-mutation intermingling. Will also consider Variants 45 or 601, if GSOH.

3. [15]

He scanned her number, her ID, her credit, her eyes. She scanned his biog, his status, his medical data, his lips. Now, they kissed.

4. [16]

He didn’t fall down a hole, or step through a mirror, or open a secret door in the back of a wardrobe. He simply got off the bus a stop too early…

4. [17]

He was the first robot to pass the Turing test. Two years of fame followed. Money, parties, girl robots. Now he’s burnt-out in a bedsit, lonely, high on crystal meth.

4. [18]

The plastic doll prowls the city. She’s looking for the tin soldier who has stolen one of her eyes. And two of her fingers. And her heart.

4. [19]

Escher had an idea for a story. It began, ‘Escher had an idea for a story. It began, “Escher had an idea for a story. It began, “‘Escher…

4. [20]

Resemblants are really cheap, half-finished replicants, with only a passing likeness to real people. Proper replicants despise them. Blade Runners get half-rates for killing them.

5. [21]

New Stations of the Cross: TV talent show, image creation, product launch, success, falling sales, reality doc, sex vid, “my drugs hell”, nostalgia tour.

5. [22]

Her memories were extracted, broken down, split into strands, cut with cheaper images, powdered, and then sold on the streets 15 dollars a shot.

5. [23]

Illegal substance 21279 has escaped from a high-security laboratory. The substance should not be touched, ingested, or spoken to, or kissed.

5. [24]

The pop star’s image has gone solo, leaving the body behind. Musical differences were cited, but rumours tell of extreme mutual loathing.

5. [25]

The pop star’s wounds are thought to be self-inflicted, evidence of his crazed attempt to sever his own “public image” from his body.

6. [26]

Contents of a cubic metre of air: N, O, Ar, CO2, Ne, He, other gases, dust, leaf fragments. A rush of sound waves. A bullet in flight.

6. [27]

The building grows itself over time from biomorphic materials. It has one secret: a room without doors or windows where a woman sleeps, dreaming of a house that grows around her.

6. [28]

The pirate station broadcast was transmitted at dusk, not by radio waves, but by thousands of moths as they fluttered from lamp to lamp to lamp…

6. [29]

One day Joe Connor mislaid himself. He looked everywhere. In his flat, the street, at his workplace. In the mirror. He wasn’t to be found.

6. [30]

We’re using less consonants in speech, and less vowels in txt mssges. So… a future of vowels in the mouth, and consonants in a little handheld box?

7. [31]

I seek employment in other realms. Anything gainful undertaken: repairer of spider webs, cloud-modeller, archiver of lost dreams. Anything.

7. [32]

The moon passed so close to the Earth that its gravity had enough force to caress piano keys. The moon played Chopin. Then Lady Gaga.

7. [33]

The actor disappeared. Police could not find a single person who had actually met him in real life, not one, not ever: he existed only on TV, only on camera.

7. [34]

Scientists have found out that tears have little to do with sadness. They are liquid escape pods, allowing painful images to leave the eyes.

7. [35]

The new country’s borderlines have finally been agreed upon. They will exist inside the body of the First Minister, Emma Kovak…