Works created by other artists and writers inspired by Jeff Noon’s books.



Open call to collaborators

If you have remixed, reworked, tuned or detuned, broken or sluiced the works of Jeff Noon and wish to see a link from these pages, please get in touch.


Vurt-Inspired Graffiti by DEIH

A friend got in touch to tell us about Deih’s incredible work – and how much he’s been influenced by Jeff Noon’s work. Check out this amazing series of wall drawings, poster acts and silkscreen images, depicting isolated characters from a sort of Edgeland, a blurry frontier between real and imagined environments… Sound familiar? All these images are influenced by the concept of Nebbia (fog, in Italian), again hinting at parallel worlds that mysteriously meet now and then, but only for a short while.


Museum of Fragile Things brought to life at Boomtown Fair

This August 2012, Gabi Robins created this beautiful exhibition inspired by the museum in Falling Out Of Cars.


~LimbicSplitter Art, Mr KeyGen – the Vurt Series

Illustrations for “Vurt”, in a psychedelic cyberpunk style by Russian artist LimbicSplitter. A little bit of smoke, dogs, and especially… Knowledge.


David Finnigan: Home Karaoke and Stigmatica

David Finnigan is a writer/dramatist based in Canberra, Australia. His work is lively, experimental, full of remixes and mash-up effects. He did some pieces that rework elements from Jeff’s work. First of all two theatre pieces, one part-based on the story Home Karaoke. The second theatre piece remixes the Stigmatica story, amongst other things. And he’s also done some experiments using the Mappalujo engine. Find them here. His Blind Dragonfly site as a whole is a really good writer’s space, with an amazing amount of content. Check it out: http://blind-dragonfly.com/.


Falling Out Of Cars – the film project

Stills taken from a short film version of Falling Out Of Cars, directed by Matt Bateman for Flat-e productions. It was shown at the Big Chill Festival. Soundtrack by Finn Mcnicholas with input from Hexstatic.



Vibegeist is a 2001 DJ mix by Belgradeyard Sound System, influenced by Needle in the Groove.



A musical version of the Metaphorazine short story by german band Film2.


The Vurt Series

Illustrations created by the artist Jo Ley, inspired by the Jeff Noon books and known as the Vurt series.


Vurt: Comic Remix

Drawn in 2002 by Lee O’Connor as an adaptation of part of the novel Vurt.


Vurt: Associations Remix

A comedy remix of Vurt.