The Vurt Tweet Competition

I asked people to post a tweet-sized Science Fiction or Fantasy story (including the hashtag #VurtSF) on twitter. My favourite entry received a signed hardback edition of the new 20th anniversary Vurt.


The winner

MarcNash ‏@21stCscribe
In the period of a kiss/Light of ten suns extinguish/Supernova smears of self/Strewn across the universe/Siren nebulae none can hear


Runners-up in alphabetical order:


Andrew Beeston ‏@TheCarpathian
There was something intoxicating about wearing someone else’s smoke. The Smoke Tailors were revered, their stitched air a revelation

Andrew James ‏@4ndrewJames
As the blizzard raged around us, tiny ice crystals carved your thoughts into my skin. Later,at home, I waited for your lies to heal

arensb ‏@arensb
…ebius strip”, he said to himself, as he turned the key in the time machine. “I hope this doesn’t turn into a mo…”

Chris Marmo ‏@kurisu
The photo-synthetic towers grew at the pace of ancient trees. Speed was forgone; environments were conversed with, not overwritten.

Cliff James ‏@cliffjamester
‘Love?’ repeated the Shadow-At-The-End-Of-Time. ‘Is that your final answer?’ Zachariah nodded once and closed his eyes – and waited.

Dan Booton ‏@DanielLBooton
The memory trade is big business, they come in oil slick slivers to the surface, flip-book ghosts in a theatre of recollections

Electric-Jellyfish ‏@The_Jellyfish
The spider dripped the terror-serum into the babe’s eyes sibilating “From this day forth you and all your kind shall fear us.”

Jimmy Watkins ‏@LittleTimmkins
There were 6 of us in a car built for 4. We forgot the wheels, so tuned the radio to foreign stations. I guess we were still moving

John Xero ‏@xeroverse
Notification: Your soul has been repinned 36,344 times. Worldwide, dilute. Your name is an echo you can barely remember. #vss

Lee Williams ‏@wiwyums
*aLErT* | unspecified hostiles detected in recreation hub | sauna pods compromised by ambiguous intruders | bingo night probably off

Michael Mock ‏@MockRamblings
They paused, regarding the tiny spheres orbiting the flames. “Planets,” said Moloch. “Try one. Crunchy shell, gooey center. Tasty.”

Murray Calder ‏@MediaCom_Murray
They didn’t reach escape velocity. Falling back down the gravity well, Jack’s exosuit cradled his broken skull. But where was Jill?

Oliver Mitchell ‏@OlMitchell
Those we’re the best of times. I can see her there now, hair blowing in the wind. She was too proud to chase after it of course.

Orjan Westin ‏@Cunobaros
He was told well in advance when his allotted 15 minutes of fame would occur, so had his best suit on. Poor Killed-By-Hippos-Guy.

overthought ‏@welloverthought
In his heart they found a blinding sun that flashed forever on their retinas an image – tiny fauns dancing on the edge of the green.

paddy ‏@padster
Drifting a thousand years, a broken seedship. Within, life! Survivors, hidden, lone, lost. And incoming, a salvage ship. Unprepared.

richard botham ‏@riiico61
Venus was a gas

The Wrong Triangle ‏@Wrong_Triangle
It was day like any other when the biscuit of your brain got dunked in delirium.

William Leonard ‏@WillLeonard
Out there, at the perimeter of history, reason twisted and coiled. Insanity’s eye gleamed in the darkness, waiting.