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Setting Up Start-Up Business in Northern Beaches

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MYOB Northern Beaches

A wide range of business activities is now possible in Northern Beaches for prospective business persons as a result of constructive partnership between Northern Business Council and the State Government that has put in place an innovative Easy to do Business Program, making it easier for
start-up businesses. If you wish to start your business in Northern Beaches, whether it is a restaurant, a small bar or a café, it is your opportune time.

As a Business customer planning to invest in any of the above businesses on the Northern Beaches, you will easily be signed up by Service NSW to enable you pursue your business dreams with utmost convenience.

What’s New For the Local Business?

Local businesses can now benefit in different ways from the collaboration between Northern Beaches Council and Service NSW. For instance, they now have a direct and quick connection with relevant government agencies. This recent collaboration brought excitement m not only to the Business Customers but also to the Northern Business Council since it is a mutually beneficial

This recent substitute to the conventional approach is a great relief to the plight of business owners, especially in regard to the stages one had to go through in order to effectively establish a small bar, restaurant or café along Northern Beaches. For instance, a business owner was required to spend approximately 18 months fulfilling all the requirements before setting up a business in the region. You had to deal with 13 agencies including the Council and complete a total of 48 forms before you could be accorded a chance to commence your business. The latest program brings a great relief since you only require 90 days or even less and your business in the Northern
Beaches is ready for commencement. Business customers at Northern Beaches no longer spend a huge bulk of their time filling out forms. Instead, more time goes on business planning which is essential in achieving business objectives.

The Private-Public Partnership

The Management of Northern Beaches is delighted at being accorded an opportunity as one of the few councils to participate in the trial of a program that ensures progress for both the council and individual business owners. The Council is therefore committed to working hard to demystify the
process and create more opportunities for economic growth and development.

Although the program has been instrumental in providing business opportunities for businesses such as cafés, restaurants and small bars, plans for further expansion in the near future are underway to include signing up of other types of businesses such as clothing retail, print and
reload freight, housing and construction among other industries.

So Here’s The Deal

In summary, the recent program for setting up start-up businesses like MYOB Northern Beaches is one of the most beneficial programs that have been necessitated by constructive collaboration between the Northern Beaches Council and the State Government. It is aimed at improving accessibility to business opportunities for business customers as well as create a mutually beneficial economic atmosphere between the business owners and the Council, which ultimately contributes positively to the state economy. It is expected that the inclusion of more industries and businesses in the program will further facilitate the achievement of desired outcomes for all the parties involved.

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