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The Very Best Tablets for Writers in 2019 [Portable, Ergonomic, Long Battery Life]

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Choosing a writing tablet is not necessarily tricky, but the various offerings in the market can result in confusion. The improvements that have been made on tablets over the last couple of years means that tablets can now perform almost at par with PCs and laptops. The portability of tablets is the main reason as to why writers find themselves drawn to tablets. Below we review some of the best tablets for writers in the market.

Microsoft Surface Go

Microsoft Sufrace Go for Writers


Equipped with a 10-inch PixelSense display and weighing only 1.15 pounds the Microsoft Surface Go is the lightest surface tablet you can find in the market. Utilizing an Intel Pentium Gold processor and 8GB of RAM, this tablet is capable of handling even the most demanding of writers. The tablet runs on Windows 10 S mode and comes with pre-installed MS Office apps. The Microsoft surface Go also has a smaller “type cover” with full-sized keys that users can attach to the tablet and use as a typing console. This tablet easily scoops the “writer’s choice” for best writing tablet as it offers full windows functionality; it is portable and has a 9-hour battery life making it ideal and reliable for any writer.


  • The surface pen can be used by writers to jot down notes as well as edit documents.
  • The tablet’s screen is high definition (HD) meaning texts and images are sharp and crisp thanks to the high contrast display.
  • Storage capacity of the tablet can be expanded using a MicroSDXC card reader.
  • Writers will enjoy that the tablet comes with pre-installed Microsoft Office 365.
  • The Wi-Fi connectivity is dual band making it more versatile than other tablets.
  • Has a detachable keyboard that is one of the best in the market


  • The Microsoft Surface Go is expensive and including extra purchases such as the surface pen and keyboard only increases the price.
  • The processor of the tablet is less powerful than that of competitors such as the iPad.
  • Unlike other tablets, users do not get 4G LTE cellular possibility.

Apple iPad Pro

Apple Ipad Pro for Writers


This 2018 iPad is one of the best Apple tablets for writing. This is because it is equipped with bells and whistles, including a 10-inch screen, an innovative Retina display, and a powerful A10 processor that makes it effective for writers to enjoy writing. The tablets processor ensures that writers do not experience lags while they write while the retina display delivers unexceptionally crisp text. If as a writer, you wish to have a tablet that you can use anywhere, the Apple iPad Pro is a great option that is sleek and lightweight and thus portable.


  • The iPad pro has an exceptional battery life (up to 10 hours)
  • It is easily portable as it is quite thin and lightweight.
  • Users receive a wide variety of creative writing apps, e.g., Ulysses, Final Draft, and MS Word that they can use.
  • The tablet is equipped with an apple pencil
  • Users have a choice between a Wi-Fi only tablet or a Wi-Fi and cellular enabled tablet.
  • The display is extremely clear and causes reduced eye strain thanks to the 264 PPI full HD Retina display
  • The tablet is equipped with touch ID for security purposes.


  • The pencil and keyboard have to be purchased separately as they are not included as part of the package.
  • Users cannot use any other apps outside of those available in the Apple App store.
  • The tablet does not give room for additional external storage. Therefore, users must rely on Dropbox and iCloud.

ASUS ZenPad 10

Asus Zenpad 10 for Writers


If you are a writer on a budget, then the Asus ZenPad 10 is a great option that gives you bang for your buck. Utilizing quad-core Realtek processor with integrated Mali graphics and equipped with 10.1-inch WXGA IPS Display (1920 x 1200) the tablets delivers sheer performance that is ideal for writers who wish to write for extended periods of time. The screen of the tablet uses ASUS TruVivid technology to ensure better viewing alongside a couple of visual enhancements such as the blue light filter to avoid eye damage and headaches that may result from using LED displays over long periods. Running on Android Marshmallow OS, the tablet is responsive and extremely fast. To make the best out of the tablet, it is recommended that writers purchase the tablets external Bluetooth keyboard.


  • The tablet is reasonably priced and extremely affordable.
  • The IPS display is not only huge, but it also delivers stunning images, and it is also customizable.
  • The tablet is equipped with Bluelight filter, which is excellent for extended writing periods as it protects users’ eyes from damage.
  • The battery life on the tablet is outstanding as writers can use the tablet for up to 10 hours before they need to charge it.
  • The keyboard connects via Bluetooth, and even though it is purchased separately, it is affordable in comparison to competitors.
  • Users receive free 100GB Google Cloud storage with the tablet.


  • The tablets Android operating system cannot be upgraded to newer versions
  • While the external storage can be expanded, it is only limited to 64 GB.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a writing tablet is different from choosing a laptop. When it comes to deciding on the tablet, there are several factors that a writer has to consider including; keyboard connectivity, screen size, readability of the screen, battery life, storage and connectivity as well as the tablets Apps, OS and Software. From our list, if we were to choose just one single tablet, our go-to choice would be the Microsoft Surface Go simply because we think it makes the best all-around tablet for writers regardless of where you are writing from. It also packs a great deal of features, and the pre-installed Microsoft Office package and Windows 10 are the infamous cherries on top of the pie. Nevertheless, we hope that from our list above, you have found something that meets your needs and is within your budget.

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