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Picking the Best Laptops for Writers and other Creatives

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Where do members of your book review club turn when they need information on the best laptops? Arguably, most would visit countless websites on the Internet to obtain the relevant information. There is no problem with that approach. Others might turn to their friends and loved ones for pointers on where to go for the best devices. Laptops are good e-readers too. They can be just as effective as Kindles, smartphones, and tablets.

Gloss Screens

When talking about reading books on laptops, you are mostly referring to the ability to read in formats such as PDF, Mobi, and ePub among others. Consequently, what you need is a laptop with the best screen to read the texts and see images exceptionally well. A laptop that does not have a gloss screen would be an ideal selection here. It is just unfortunate that most modern laptops have gloss screens. Nevertheless, you can make the most out of it.

Matte Screens

A laptop fitted with a matte screen would be great for reading e-books too. The fact the laptop allows you to set the best color mode, contrast and brightness give you more control. You can set it to what you are most comfortable with for an enjoyable reading experience. Several notebooks come with non-gloss or matte screens. Simply ask around to get what you need. Alternatively, contact the Secret Asian Man.

Two-In-One Laptops

Some modern, state-of-the-art laptops can operate as tablets too. Such types are the best for the members of your book review club. A laptop you can convert into a tablet when you want to read e-books is a good find. You will be spending your money wisely in case you decide to buy such a laptop. Convert it into a laptop while reading books before using it as a laptop afterward. You save a lot of money this way.

LCDs vs. OLEDs

Most laptops have LCDs.
However, see if you can convert the LCDs into OLEDs.
OLEDs refer to Organic Light Emitting Diodes.
The two main advantages of OLEDs are:
a) They require no bezels
b) Consume less electricity

OLED-equipped laptops do not come cheap, however. Therefore, be ready to spend some serious money on these wonderful machines. Alternatively, the members of the book review club can pool their resources together to buy such machines for each member one-at-a-time. In direct lighting, however, you may be better off choosing laptops with Pixel Qi or e-Ink screens. As shown here, you have more options than you initially realized.

The choice of laptop will also depend on the software you intend to use in reading the e-Books. Most software comes free. However, some of the best software cost a tidy sum. The advantage of buying reading software is you get the best features. Look for software that maximizes the e-book enabling it to fill the entire screen for easier and more comfortable reading experience. This way, your eyes will not strain, and there will be less distraction to worry about.


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